Δάπεδο με κυβόλιθο απο φυσικά πετρώματα

Setts have been used in Europe for many centuries. Sett, in its various forms, is an innovative material in use since antiquity for building roads, squares, gardens and still employed by modern architecture to produce a practical and aesthetically pleasing result. Natural Stone Sett is used for the cladding of floors and traditional cobbled streets. Moreover, one must note its money saving qualities, as it allows us to reinstall it many times, when, for example, we are renovating a space, thus saving us from extra procurement costs.
Some of the advantages sett offers include:
• Easy installation
• Large operational life
• Low cost
• Easy to replace and add new setts
• Offers great design possibilities both in terms of shape and color

In this section, you can see a part of our work in setts, made by naturals stones.