Company Profile


Company Tsoulfidis Bros. is active in the sector of natural stones for the last 40 years, being a pioneer in their mining, processing and trade. Its long-standing experience has rendered it one of the top companies in the field of stone processing and construction. The main facility of the company is a area of 11,000m2, of which 1,500m2 are a closed-air industrial installation located in the Industrial Area of Lakkoma.

The properly trained and expert personnel of the company, using state of the art machinery at its disposal, processes stone to various shapes and styles, thus creating a great assortment of products, such as wall and fireplace claddings, staircases, lids, floor coating, garden items and other special pieces, thus catering, both time and quality wise, for the needs and requirements of every client, both retail and wholesale.

Tsoulfidis Bros. GP offers various types of natural stone, such as stone from Aridea, Aliveri and Skra, which the company trades as raw materials from the quarries, but also the stone of Lakkoma, which it mines from its privately-owned quarry.

Tsoulfidis Bros. is distinguished by its reliable, continuous and fast customer service. Its principal concern is to maintain and built upon the relation of trust with its clientèle, a relation founded on the excellent result of every collaboration, both aesthetically and in terms of quality.