Split face stone

Σκαπιτσαριστή πέτρα, φυσικά πετρώματα για χρήση σε επένδυση τοίχου

Split face stone is derived from natural stone and takes its name from the processing it undergoes which accentuates its color and anaglyph. Their application brings about aesthetically marvelous results when it is used for wall cladding, both in interior as well as exterior spaces. Their installation is simple, with or without hinges, running or woven with respect to the placement method, rendering a different aesthetic result in each case. The split face stone is now a classic stone for wall cladding both for interiors and exteriors. Split face stone comprises of pieces of natural stone, tufa or marble or other kinds of stone, which after being cut are chiseled on their one side only. The result for wall cladding is a rustic traditional stone wall decoration.

Split face stones may be applied on walls, while we may use hinges or not, depending on the result we aim for. Moreover, split face stones can be applied using a single stone dimension but also with several stone dimensions interwoven, thus lending a more distinctive end result to the cladding of our wall.